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Peak State Ventures Fund I deploys $150M on new technologies in Real Estate, Digital Healthcare and the Future of Work

Our Approach

We are experienced entrepreneurs, operators, advisors, and investors with multiple successful exits looking for future category leaders. We will work with seed stage entrepreneurs to bring a product to market and support a company through Series A+ rounds and later stage of growth and expansion


Seed Deals

We invest in seed deals when there is something extraordinary about the opportunity and something missing.  You might have the right team and a great product, but early to traction. Or positive results from early customers, but haven’t scaled up your sales team.

We’re nuanced investors with our own prior startup experience.  So we understand that everything doesn’t work quite right early on.  We want to join you before you become an overnight success.

Target seed investment check size $500k to $1.5M.

Series A Deals

We invest in Series A when the company is ready to step on the gas.

We will dig in on your financial pro forma and operational metrics with more attention to detail than likely any other investor you approach.  We are fast and thorough. It allows us to see quite clearly what is working and which parts of the plan are high risk.

For you, as a founder, it’s our first opportunity to demonstrate that we will join you in the weeds and be smart investors.  When things go sideways later on, you’ll know you have an investor that understood all the challenges.

Our process usually starts with a pitch.  Share a data room. Review questions collaboratively.  Final pitch and investment committee.

During this time, we will discuss whether you are more interested in us joining a round as a syndicate or competing to be your lead.  We are ownership % agnostic. We are more interested in knowing what you need out of us in the context of your fundraising goals and we will adjust accordingly.

Target Series A investment check size: $1M to $10M.

Series B Deals

We invest in Series B when the business is working and needs to scale faster.

Series B for us is focused extensively on operational metrics and market size.  We want to understand why your early customers love you. Why they’ll spend more with you in the future.  And why they’re already telling their friends. And we want to see that narrative play out in the trailing financial metrics.

And then we want to understand your vision for how the game is won.  What happens as you mature that enables you to checkmate your vertical.   We invest in ambitious entrepreneurs that want to be #1, usually on a global scale.

We co-invest into Series B with other investors you bring to the table or we help bring to the table.

Target Series B  investment check size: $5M to $10M.


We also buy shares from founders

Since we have founded, operated and exited companies, we have known firsthand that there are times in which investor interests diverge from the founders. Most companies experience it at least once, and it can be painful for an entrepreneur to negotiate against their own investors after working together for years.  This is a failure of alignment.

We always want to be aligned with founders

As so, at every stage of investment, we offer to buy shares from founders in addition to investing in the traditional preferred share round.  That puts us in a position to always consider the needs of the founders and the needs of the investors directly.

We do not subscribe at all to the notion that taking a little bit of money off the table to support your family is a sign of a lack of commitment to your company or in any way, a disincentive to continue to work hard. In fact, we believe quite the opposite. Some liquidity, very early on, allows founders to continue to shoot for the largest outcomes.  If your round is oversubscribed, we would like to explore expanding our investment allocation with secondary purchases.

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