Aaron Bird

Aaron has spent twenty years as an engineer, entrepreneur, and executive in SaaS.  He was the founder & CEO of Bizible, where he scaled the company to 8 figures in ARR and sold to Marketo in 2018 for great outcome.  Most recently Aaron was on the executive team at Marketo, as the Global SVP of Product.  As a part of the executive team, he helped sell Marketo to Adobe for $4.7B and joined Adobe as an executive through the acquisition.  After 2 back to back exits in 2018, he is now focused on helping the next wave of SaaS companies do the same.
Aaron has a passion for scaling SaaS companies and loves working with visionary entrepreneurs that are better than him.  When he isn’t helping startups, Aaron likes hanging out with his family, fly fishing, surfing, and vacationing in Italy.
Aaron is a TechStars alumni & mentor, has a BS in computer science from UCSB, and an MBA from Pepperdine.
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