Founder Aligned

Partner - Build - Grow

Our Approach

Peak State Ventures Fund I deploys $150M on new technologies in Education, Healthcare and Real Estate — industries which have a major impact on quality of life

We are experienced entrepreneurs, operators, advisors, and investors with multiple successful exits looking for future category leaders. We will work with seed stage entrepreneurs to bring a product to market and support a company through Series A+ rounds and later stage of growth and expansion

How we are different

We buy shares from founders

Since we founded, operated and exited companies, we have known firsthand that there are times in which investor interests diverge from the founders. Most companies experience it at least once, and it can be painful for an entrepreneur to negotiate against their own investors after working together for years.  This is a failure of alignment

We always want to be aligned with founders

As so, we offer to buy shares from founders in addition to investing in a traditional preferred share round.  That puts us in a position to always consider the needs of the founders and the needs of the investors directly

We do not subscribe at all to the notion that taking a little bit of money off the table to support your family is a sign of lack of commitment to your company or in any way, a disincentive to continue to work hard. In fact, we believe quite the opposite. Some liquidity, very early on, allows founders to continue to shoot for the largest outcomes

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